Helpmate. Introvert.

Gaffes, Grafts and Goals…

Social awkwardness. I’ve not outgrown it… just covered it up with a bit of make-up, a smile and the occasional roll of duct tape. It’s tricky business being an introvert wanting to be helpful/useful all the time and also being a person who deeply enjoys/requires solitude. So, of course, I became a teacher and chose music of all subjects. Now, I’ll never be invisible or unheard again.

It’s not truly a complaint, though. If it were, would this blog exist?

When I was a child, I used to play silently with my toys. All sound effects, voices and narratives were in my head. It was fine until I learned other people couldn’t hear my mind unless I spoke, and I had a very hard time talking to people. It made for lonely play sometimes when I grew older.

Writing soon became my bridge, my graft, onto a more social sphere. I could imagine and play in the privacy of my personal space and share when I was ready–feeling the delights of connecting with kindred spirits. This blog is another grafting, an attempt to connect with a broader sphere, to share my creative nature and support others who enjoy writing as much as I do.

This particular blog isn’t my first attempt, however, but it’s singular in that I’ve opened it up to the viewing of family, friends, colleagues… everyone–strangers! I hope to maintain it with more courage and tenacity than my previous attempts, though, in spite of my introverted inclinations.

So, onto goals!

  1. Post every day during my summer months, twice weekly during the rest of the year. (If I don’t write, you won’t read.)
  2. Keep contact with folks who follow my blog and those I follow.  (I’d like to comment at least once a week on a post each. You’re like pen pals. If I don’t write to you, you won’t write to me. I wish to maintain a positive feedback loop, setting aside an hour weekly to do so.)
  3. Maintain a weekly feature–in my case, a weekly photo challenge. (I always wish to photograph more. Now, here’s my motivation and another creative outlet.)