Conversations with a Beast, part 1

Sure. Let’s bash the lady forced to wed the apparent douche, who–by the story’s end–manages to fall in love with him. Weak-minded, kink-driven, or both, she’s got to be crazy.

Well, here I am.

All five-four of me, always cold because genetics say I’m made for tropical climes, crushable because of said genetics, and married to that guy over there. Yes. The one who looks like he’s plotting my death as he stares at me from across our balcony.

Ever think that most of those tales are about brides just trying to make something less sh—y out of a sh–situation? Self-actualization and all that, wouldn’t you try to shape your world by shifting your mindset? Mind you, I’m not in any way talking about the girls shackled to wife-beaters. That’s plain physical abuse, and I can’t say I’ve got experience there, thankfully.

I’m speaking about matrimony with brooding bastards, those moody men who look too damn delicious posing as villains. Why else would I let him stare at me, instead of seeking the privacy of my room? … So I can stare right back at that beautiful body of his.

“Come here.”

I take my time answering his command, not because I’m inately stubborn or trying to summon frustration. It’s because my mind is firmly situated on his first word. I can’t help it anymore. It’s his fault for corrupting me and making me enjoy the corruption right alongside him.

If it wasn’t good, why stay? Why bend to his will, really? There are ways to get out. Desperation makes daredevils out of the doudiest little mice, and maybe marrying this man was my own personal stunt… Quite the story there, another conversation, perhaps.

Actually, I will lay claim briefly. If I’m going to be the beauty to his beast, you might as well know. But first, it’s getting a little breezy out here, and I’m always cold. I don’t particularly enjoy making myself wait to get warmed.


(Hopefully, this is the start of a drabble, vignette, or short story a day for this month of January… or for however long I can maintain it with daily prompts. I hope to encapsulate the whole under this title and let the daily prompts decide the story arch or lack thereof.)


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