More Distant…

We took to the streets,

Pavement under feet,

And the pounding

Took its toll…

Rushing through each meter.

You could hear every foot there,

Panting, struggling,

Begging for air….

In the way some fell at the finish.

We ran–

From borders, nightmare, disease.

We ran–

From the terrors of human extremes.

We ran–

And were afraid to cross the line…

The end should be more distant.

–C. Green


(There are so many reasons why we run. It can feel deeply satisfying, so very visceral, to physically run away from the stresses that plague modern urban life. I began with that feeling, the freedom of being able to flee… remembering the marathon I ran with my brother a few years back… in the first three lines. However, the newest terrorist attack in London weighs heavily on my mind, and so it’s colored the rest of my words.)


5 thoughts on “More Distant…

  1. We ran and were afraid to cross the line…
    Loving these empowering stanzas. Loving the way that you miraculously laced those words together into a wonderful piece of art. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

    Liked by 1 person

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