Give Me a Reprieve

Give me a reprieve

From the depths of extremes.

Death is too great a price…

Render payment as children bleed?

What belief would take so deep a cut,

Wreak chaos from concert, turn lyrics to loss?

What landlord would consign

His tenants to grave and shallow plots?

Not mine, not mine.

I cannot sign this contract.

C. Green


(Acts of terrorism weigh heavily on our collective minds, again… Manchester. Let us teach our children empathy. Educate, not indoctrinate, the masses so that citizens grow into adulthood knowing how to articulate disagreements and philosophical arguments through rational communication… not violent outbursts and displays of disregard for life.)


The Corner and I…

The corner and I, we met–
An intersection, an angled glance–
Our initial acquaintance
Little more than passing chance.

When past the line of strangers,
I thought to cordially invite
A sitting amid evening hours,
A meeting of lonely minds.

We spoke of things like silence,
The quiet chaos of sleeping tears,
Matters of arrhythmic hearts
And the aging of youthful fears.

My corner came as comfort–
A haven where pauses thrive.
It was upon this corner I leaned my head
And let myself survive.

C. Green