As I Grow Older…

It’s on my mind ALL the time.

As I grow older, who am I?

All those years ahead of me,

Stretch as far as I can dream.

Am I bold, or am I blind?

What will I do with my life?

Outcast, scholar, jester, friend…

Who will I be in the end?

There are forces, I assume,

That might stifle, might consume.

Like I’ve studied, like I’ve read,

Pressure folds. Pressure bends.

Of the mantles I will bear,

Which will buckle, smother, flare?

What will I have upon my plate–

Friction, fortune, love or hate?

Where will I be given strength

To face my fears and discontent…

Inner, outer, through the core,

Vigor, valor or rapport?

Who can know, predict, foresee,

Future selves, philosophies?

It’s on my mind ALL the time.

As I grow older, who am I?

-C. Green

(One of my core teachers asked me if she could share some of my poetry with her 5th graders as part of her poetry unit. I gave her a few accessible offerings and then offered to write a poem tonight to suit her/their needs. So this one’s about peer pressure, worry about the future and wondering about our future selves… all with a rhyme scheme of sorts, some good vocabulary, symbolism and a predictable rhythm they’d find pleasing. I’m happy with it.)





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