She cries at night,

But do tears really matter

When they’re done by day?

There’s nothing to dry

But sobs inside–

A thousand fears allay.

The horrors that are,

They plague the hours.

What could have been,

Punishes and persists,

Echos and insists

The sacrifice of sleep.

An anxious mind–

Never silent–hides/thrives

In the dark, the morbid,

The cryptic release

Of solitary poetry.

There, disasters thwarted.

–C. Green

*Queen, 1991… I was eleven and learned of HIV–among many things that year–and just as I was discovering his music, Freddie Mercury died… why am I listening to Queen the day before school starts? Because music persists, lyrics capture moments, and I’m beginning a new year teaching music to children…*


5 thoughts on “Queen

      • My airplane tickets are booked. Many moons as a student I was part of a play where we essentially acted out a scene by mimicking the words of the music. In the process our trainer took us through some basics of music and I thought to myself wouldn’t it have been amazing if I had been exposed to this as a kid. Take those green unripe potential musicians and mucify them (my word just created) mrs Green

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      • Creation is an essential part of the human experience (even new words!! I like mucify!)… music, art, drama… They are formative experiences, and I count myself privileged to be able to share music with the young ones. It’s something I wish all children were able to participate in.


  1. Dear Carrie, I wish you a wonderful school year teaching music. Music really saves us. Currently I am listening to Francesca Battistelli (if we’re honest) and then back to good old Mozart and Bach. Bless the music. Always!


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