Steal Not the Hours

Steal not the hours,

You wily-winged rogue,

For they rightfully should remain

With whom they’ve been bestowed.

Cheat not the teacher;

Dare not be remiss

In the payment of wages

For if you do, you shall know this:

Students spare no moments.

They’ve not patience nor the time

For work-weary tutors

Who’ve martyred their lives.

The years, they’ll not linger.

But their minutes, they are mine!

I shall use them to my fullest–

Re-energize heart and the mind.

–C. Green



7 thoughts on “Steal Not the Hours

    • Yes, my friend, that mindset is a joyful one. I’ve indulged long in it, but I cannot continue to donate indiscriminately. Teacher burn-out is so very real, unfortunately. We give of our time above and beyond (just as a matter of course, it’s expected of my profession)
      and give of our pay to outfit our classrooms every single year… I think my poem was a little protest : ) In any event, your sense of volunteerism is good for the soul, and I thank you for reading my poem!

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