That’s Youth for You

Youth follows you, didn’t you know?

It’s in an uncertain step, indelicate leap,

The inarguable need for a nap

And sometimes… the loss of one’s teeth.

Certainly, it’s in the loss of one’s sleep

During the morning hours between two and five

When nothing and no one should have need to arise,

But that’s youth for you.

Oh, and those twitches and pinches, pangs and aches,

Those nightly terrors grown-ups called growing pains.

They creep back into muscle and bone,

Perform physiological miracles,

Like turning my weight from feather to stone.

And bizarre miracles they must be!

How else can one explain how I am now

A quarter inch shy of the 5’3” I use to be?

That is youth for you…

–C. Green



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