Listing Poetically… Musical Fish

A long time ago, when I first began teaching, I had a little betta fish. His name was Betta Bartok because I was a music teacher, and I thought it cute to name him after the composer. Unfortunately, he didn’t live long–the fish. My room (a mobile unit) was broken into one night by some youth wielding a gun.

And so, Betta Bartok was killed by a BB shot through his tank. That’s what I get for my love of alliteration. I didn’t even realize he’d been shot until after the police officer had taken my statement and left. You see, all the water had drained out of his little plexiglass tank and right into the waste bin I’d had placed below the table. That had not been a very good teaching day.

The incident didn’t scar me permanently, however. Betta Bartok wasn’t the only fish I’ve named after a composer. Fanny and Felix Mendelfin followed a few years later. Indeed, I’ve given the aquatic treatment to many a composer’s name… just in case I allowed more fish into my classroom. And so, I present my list:

Betta Bartok

 Johann Sebasstian Bach

Benjafin Britten

Ludwig van Beethofin

Hildegard von Swimmin’

George Gershfin

Philip Glass-fish

Nikolai Finsky-Korsakov

Fanny and Felix Mendelfin

Wolfgang Amangelfish Mozart

Minnow Mussorgsky

Sergei Prokoifiev

Dmitri Shostagoldfish

John Philip Tuna

Sergei Rachmollynoff

Igor Strafinsky

Georg Philipp Tetramann

Giuguppy Verdi

The Poetry of List-Making


2 thoughts on “Listing Poetically… Musical Fish

  1. This is extremely funny and brilliant for that matter. You must be a Marylin’s Pencilfish Muse (in the conetext of writing). I don’t think you need boosting of confidence, buy I will click anyway!

    By the way I had the honour of your likes being the 500th and 501st – the WordPress’s notification wedged in between your photos. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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