Deep Hermitage Done

Walked into the woods, I did,

And slept beneath the rain.

Thank the crows for tents and trees

And the racoon, all the same.

Like a cat in the dark with lamps for eyes,

It crept until I grew wise.

Then the music stopped.

Jaw harp silenced, twanging hand stilled.

My heart leaped, it did–utterly thrilled.


An audience for my eleventh hour display,

A camping concert, the one-woman way.

Though, my banded friend stayed but briefly,

Perhaps, to join in its own… band–

Taking the performance someplace else.

The magic lost, the nightly crickets somehow off

Tempo, I packed up my tool of trade,

Closed its case–bidding it take the final bow–

And let the midnight hour linger.

-C. Green

*I’ve been a month away. I had adventures and introspection, bursts of creativity and an odd dread… turning away from my blog. My adventure, though fun, drained me I think. It’s hard to express why I could not write and let others read. I am back home now, in more than just the physical sense. I find myself becoming centered, again. And so, I use poetry to tell a true tale! A racoon tried to sneak upon me (and the garbage bag suspended from a tree limb) while I was playing music at night during a camping trip. They really do prowl like cats.*




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