Unpredictable Miss


Summer Short Story #8

(Prompt: Write a story featuring only dialogue between two very different characters. You may write it in script format. Make sure to capture each character’s personality in their dialogue to make them unique. Include “unpredictable” per the WordPress daily prompt.)



“What’s your name, pretty lady?”

“Lady? In this establishment?”

“She’s sitting right in front of me. Now don’t play coy? A pretty thing like you shouldn’t be sitting all alone.”

“Oh, coy I am not, and it’s Captain, to you.”

“My, my… a captain. My mistake.”

“Indeed. Not your only one, mind you.”

“My only what, Captain?”

“Mistake. Look around. Tell me what you see.”

“Giving orders now? We’re not on board your ship. Why should I follow?”

“You seem like a man who likes playing games.”

“Games, huh? Well… if we’re playing, Captain.”

“The bartender, a pretty lady—excuse me, a pretty captain—a couple men in the corner seat.”

“Do you know the bartender’s name?”

“Of course. Everyone does.”

“His full name?”


“What about the two gentlemen over there?”

“Your point?”

“I do… know their names.”

“So you fancy yourself a regular and those blokes too.”

“I fancy myself not alone… but you are. Alone in a pub that is now being locked by my good friend and bartender.”

“What the hell kind of game are you playing?”

“One where you do as I say.”

“Lady, I don’t know what you think you’re playing at, but it’s with the wrong man.”

“Uh, uh… I know exactly what I’m doing, and I’ve got the right man.”

“Leave his jaw intact, gentlemen, please. I need him to talk.”

“Get your hands off… mmhh”

“You don’t need to struggle hardly so much. My friends are simply holding you still. Mind you, it’s so you’ll listen very, very closely. Someone has been spreading information. Let’s call them rumors, for now. About a certain girl and the doctor who hired her on as his maid. Familiar? No? Funny… Just the other day, the good doctor was speaking to the Mayor, and he learned that his employee’s name and circumstances were being bandied about as if common knowledge. But you already know that is most certainly not the case.

The situation has proven most distressing. To her, to the doctor… to me. But do you know who really dislikes hearing rumors? The Mayor. Would you like the Mayor hearing your name and certain… indiscretions linked? It’s a bit of a touchy subject, but I’m privy to some of his sister’s lesser known proclivities. Oh? You didn’t know? How unfortunate.

Now, as you—yourself–said earlier, ‘don’t play coy.’ Ms. Barrington dallies with you—a strapping fellow, you are—I don’t blame her, truly. That you choose to deal in information with her eldest brother… now that, I find remarkable.

If you would like to maintain your current financial security and your good looks (I make no judgements on being a kept man. I am for equal rights and opportunities, I’ll have you know!), cease your digging. If you choose to ignore me, I will know. You are not the only one who likes to play spy games. Proceed with caution. These are unpredictable times, Mr. Brooker. Unpredictable, indeed.

Gentlemen, if you would see this man out? I thank you.

Go, enjoy your lady and leave my little miss alone. ”


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