Guest at the Party

Summer Short Story #4

(Prompt: Write a 100 word drabble. Include “guest” per the WordPress daily prompt.)

“Did you truly think we’d not celebrate?”

The doctor scoffed, while Rosamond tried to keep a dignified facade—failing miserably. She didn’t think there would ever be anyone to mark the day with again.

“No, sit. You’ll not act the maid today. No shocked looks.”

She’d no control over her eyes, though. They wept.

“Mrs. Cooper, the cake!”

Lemon drizzle… all because she’d mentioned the treat—a shared favorite with her father.

“There, now… Ah, right on time. Here comes Clarice and John.”

No better family of friends existed, she thought.

“To Rosamond, our honored guest! Happy Birthday, my dear.”



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