What Matters If My Skin Is Pale?

I can see a child’s tears.

I can hear him crying.

I can see the wife, now widow.

I can hear her husband dying.

What matters if my skin is pale?

The blood beneath is red.

Most would say grief knows no color,

That a heart reaches into the head.

But what say you if that heart is black?

What image first comes to the mind?

All except our faultless babes,

Prejudice and racism find.

–C. Green

*Of course, it matters that we all should live… But, America, we have a problem. To call attention to it, spread awareness and moral support: #BlackLivesMatter.*



6 thoughts on “What Matters If My Skin Is Pale?

  1. Nice piece … The human race should not be controlled by our differences. Should be a matter of the life in everybody.. Once you have life, you are qualified for better conditions.. Not colour nor your race. We are one people with a common goal thus”to make a living”

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