False… Arrest

“No! Let go of me!”

But he did not.

“I didn’t do anything!”

But he did not believe.

“It’s not right!”

But he did not believe in justice.

–C. Green


*My countrymen are hurting me because my brothers are bleeding.*


5 thoughts on “False… Arrest

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  2. I skip any reading and go for the practical:

    I imagine you are very interested in nature. This said I bet you can find messages, images, coincidences today simply by the strength and balance of going within (meditation) and going outdoors.

    Best to have a basic understanding of tarot/arcane arts before getting oversaturated with internet. All of it take with a grain of salt. It’s psuedoscience. Make use of it as you will. No need for superstition.

    A good easy to do idea is print out from wiki the Rider-Waite Strength tarot Card or Google image search it. And just look at it. I often tape symbols like these to Mead Composition Books… or even just push-pin tack to a wall. Masking tape if the wall is more important than the image. I hope all that helps. Again, thank you for reading. You rock! – Ilsa

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    • Thank you for the suggestions. Indeed, nature both grounds me and helps to give me energy for upcoming events and days. Sometimes, we use the symbols to express those latent messages we sometimes don’t see in passing : )


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