Fort Williams Park, Maine

Shorelines, any space where water meets land, mesmerizes. As creatures of the earth, many of us yearn for the open sea. The dichotomy between the two mediums–water and rock–certainly calls to my inner artist. As I walk along the stability of granite, listening to the fluid rhythm of the waves, my mind wanders. I am free to meditate and imagine.

Opposing forces, like those present along the shoreline, make for fantastic subjects. There is peace in seeing their coexistence amid constant struggle. On my very recent visit to the southern coasts of Maine, each wave and every boulder or stone clamored for their time in front of the lens.

Being the accommodating person that I am, I seldom put my camera down!




8 thoughts on “Opposites…

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  2. Good Morning Carrie,

    Your photographs remind me strongly of the coast of Scotland – so beautiful and rugged.
    Your words take me there again – taking in the sea breezes, the tang of salt, the sunshine.
    The way you muse.
    The way you choose to meditate and imagine.
    You are soft against hard and yet you are stronger than time and brighter than light itself.

    Kindness – Robert.

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