Autonomy… (4th of July)

This mind shall wonder freely,

Question the unseen and your right

To constrict its curiosity

with tenet and with tithe.

I would have moral autonomy, Sir.

My heart beats unbound.

Its blood shall flow freely,

Not spilled upon the ground,

But inside my body–

Flesh upon bone and within womb.

Though doctrine seek to pacify

And violence I’ll not be immune,

I’ll take up my flag of independence,

Cast my vote and peaceably hold

Marches and sit-ins and quietly smite

The subjugation of my soul.

–C. Green

*It’s the birthday of my country’s independence. However, as a woman and the child of an immigrant, I still see the struggle for freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness. Though the birth of my nation took place long ago, the after pains still linger. *



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