Pleasure… A Walk

I seek my pleasure
In the company of pines,
Where the birch bark walks
Across more natural lines.
The spruce sing of truce
Between weather and man
As firs shelter creatures
Of varying kinds.
Maple and moss
Carpet granite-hewn floors
Upon which travelers may marvel
At their random design.
They, like my own
Ever wandering soul,
Find their measure of peace
Among the verdant sublime.
–C. Green



12 thoughts on “Pleasure… A Walk

  1. Dear Carrie, you gave words to a photo I’ve posted on the topic pleasure! I so much like walking alone, better if in the mountains or by the lake.
    Just another question (I couldn’t write it on your about page): are you an Orff music teacher? Do you use a specific method to teach small children?

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    • Thank you! It makes me so happy when my words connect with someone ☺️ I deeply enjoy trail walking and write that poem after a day spent on the trails at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens… So very beautiful! I live in Virginia in the US, and we drove for a day to be around a different kind of nature… Worth it! As to Orff, I usually tell people that I think I am a hybrid teacher. I’m actually getting level 1 certified in two weeks, finally. (Two weeks at George Mason University and camping instead of a hotel stay… So excited) I use many of its methods, etc. from watching other teachers, but most of my formal education was in secondary music–to teach band! I fell into teaching the wee ones and realized I loved it. So, I have been teaching from a reverse perspective… Using a hodge podge of teaching tools. BUT Orff speaks to me.

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      • My husband is a music teacher too. Last April he got his Orff Diploma after a 3 years course in Rome. Funny how you two made the very same professional path! He taught band too at the very beginning, when we first met. But now he is teaching kids from 3 to 11 years old the basic of music (using Orff but also his own experience). Keeping on also with clarinet and sax classes.

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      • Wow! I’d rather take my classes on your side of the world! 😁 I honestly thought I’d teach band–love rehearsal methods–but I’d never get to sing and dance ever day. You’re going to love this… I’m a clarinetist (major instrument) who played soprano and tenor sax in high school. My husband is a music teacher too who started out teaching band but now teaches elem. strings. He is a clarinetist and woodwind doubler too (sax and flute). P. S. I spend every chance I get reading. I’d live in a library if I could.

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      • We should plan a dinner out when we’ve got the chance to meet! But first of all my husband should learn English a little bit better… 😀
        I love reading! I am a bookworm with not so much time to read. But I do my best 🙂

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      • Yes! I teach English mainly. Till last year I was a primary school teacher, up last September I have been teaching High School. I love teaching! But I graduated in German language and literature with a postgraduate work in History. Unfortunately, where I live, there are no chances to teach German. Otherwise I would teach it. I love it!

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      • I envy your affinity for languages! It sounds amazing being able to teach in Italy. It makes my heart happy to hear others enjoying their craft/profession. Unfortunately, I have too many teacher friends burning out and unhappy in our field of work.

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      • Well, unfortunately burn out is one of the big issues in our job. Personally, I try to focus on other than teaching: reading, stitching, painting, traveling, hiking in the mountains… All experiences that can help even in my job.

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