Siblings looking out across the ocean– Kiptopeake, VA

There is no one quite like a sibling. Childhood partners and playmates, so much about peer interaction–empathy, sharing, fury and love–are learned between them. In my case, I am the eldest with a younger brother. We share a tribal knowledge–a tribe of two. The way I view the world, the way I go about raising my children, the way I play with them… they all reflect my experiences with my brother. The privilege of seeing him grow into adulthood, to watch him become a man I’m proud of, to know he can always count on me because I am still his big sis… I wish these things for my own children.

This photo is a couple years old.  I asked them to pose for me at the edge of the water while we played on a beach that summer. I thought of my brother and the hope I have for these two siblings–that they grow into adulthood able to rely on each other, having shared the best of memories.



Partners… Big Brother, Little Sis

8 thoughts on “Partners… Big Brother, Little Sis

  1. It’s special to me because I have no siblings. I imagine I have a few that I have chosen, close companions. I accidentally blogged it onto a dialogue blog with one of my “sisters”. I will reblog it to my blog. Hopefully see more of your daily prompt poems. I like the sparce imagery of the poems I saw. Nothing too wordy. Ha, which is the opposite of me! Ciao!

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