Gift me to the stars

So that I may wander

Upon the winds of solar flares.

Lift me upon the arms

Of spiral galaxies

So that I may stare…

Into every event horizon.

–C. Green



9 thoughts on “Voyage…

  1. If I could do that for you, Carrie, I would gladly.
    My name is Robert and you have visited my blog already.
    I am in York in the North of England and I am very pleased to make your etc.
    That’s me saying Hi. Isn’t it great how we can be as loud as we like in these hallowed halls? 🙂

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    • Hi, Robert! Thanks for reading my poem. It’s a pleasure to make your literary acquaintance. Indeed… I’ve been actually skipping down the halls of my work and being quite loud (an unusual occurrence). It’s the last day of school, and we teachers get the summer off! It’s a very good day here. I’m across the pond… in Norfolk, Virginia : )

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      • My heart leapt when you said Norfolk because that is close to me in the UK, but then fell again when you said Virginia. Sigh.
        What’s that – you’ve been skipping in real life? That doesn’t sound like any kind of shy and retiring that I know!
        Last day of term – yay!
        Pleasure to meet you too, ma’am. 😀
        It a nearly dinner time here in York, UK and the weather is sunny and fine.

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      • Alas, I am on the other side of the Atlantic. The last day of school brings out raucous happiness in most teachers I know, but then it’s back to our quiet selves so our students don’t think we’ve lost our minds entirely😁 I look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy dinner and fine weather!

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      • There’s much to be said for losing the mind in joy, but not much for losing it entirely – well done. 🙂
        I publish mainly writing tips so if you enjoy writing you might find something useful here. I’ll put the kettle on in anticipation of your visit. One lump or two? 😀

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      • Tea is good – I have tea. Haven’t had any coffee in a long time but I’m sure I have a couple of those little packets I filched from a hotel a couple of years back. Coffee doesn’t go off – right? 🙂 See you soon.
        (note to self – throw away those little pots of milk you got at the same time – they might have gone off)

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