Struggle… Dear Soul


The heart may grow weary,

Veins clog, vessels constrict.

The organ enlarges from more than just love,

Your breathing more breathless than quick.

The trick is to keep the soul from departing,

From simply wandering away–

Finding some hollow to sleep in

And wanting to stay.

Dear Soul, struggle..

Want to remain.

Stress. Strife. Schisms.

These summon strength,

Even when the heart is heavy

And blood too burdensome to bear.

– C. Green



5 thoughts on “Struggle… Dear Soul

  1. This is a great poem! I love how you get into the physical aspects of it. The struggle is real. For peace, unity, love, respect, and acceptance. We do it everyday and this is so sad ,especially considering how diverse of a world and country we are. Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better. Followed!

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